Alt Meat grinders Discover the products Made in Italy by the brand Reber, electric or manual, you will find your happiness within our assortment. Prepare your pies and preserves for winter!
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Everything for home cooking

The Swiss online store that makes home cooking accessible to all.


Everything for preserves

Making preserves and jams

Preserving your home-made jams and preparations becomes child's play with glass jars.

With a seal or a lid, the jar is an essential in the kitchen to make your own home-made preserves.

Honey pots and accessories

Find our honey jars and many lids with original designs to store, sell or offer your honey in all elegance.

Sterilize your jars and pots

Sterilization consists in destroying all germs of a food preparation to be able to preserve it more than one year at room temperature. Sterilizers allow a saving of time and energy in this matter.

Preserving your food


Practical and functional, sterilizers are used to preserve seasonal products. The sterilization of a jar consists in bringing to boil water to place its jars of preparation

Soft conservation

The conservation bags and jars allow to keep onions, shallots, potatoes, fruits and vegetables longer in a soft way thanks to the breathable materials of the products.

Dehydrate your food

The principle is to dry the food under a gentle heat to preserve all the nutrients and to be able to consume it months later.

For the home and kitchen

Zero waste

For bulk purchases and a kitchen zero wastefind all our practical and good for the planet articles.

Cooking with children

Share and introduce our little chefs to cooking with ergonomic utensils designed for children.

Isothermal water bottles

Enjoy all your hot and cold drinks wherever you go, thanks to the isothermal bottles.

Our selection of the moment

All about

For several years now, we have been focusing on simple, local and seasonal cooking, with an emphasis on anti-waste and food preservation. More than a simple hobby, it has become a real passion! Today we share this passion with to allow any individual, association or small business that wishes to start up to have the necessary tools at hand.

Laurianne and Thomas

The objective of is to make homemade cooking accessible to all. is both a web magazine and an online store where you can find everything you need to prepare, transform and preserve your food.

Every week, articles are published with simple recipes using seasonal and local products, as well as tips and tricks.

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Your Swiss online store that helps you to consume local and seasonal products

Bokeo is the online store for those who like to consume local, seasonal, make their own preserving jars and try to move towards zero waste. Every day, the Swiss online store Bokeo accompanies its customers in their choice thanks to the advice and recipes given and written by passionate home cooks and zero waste. Bokeo's objective is to be the number 1 in advice and choice of the best products and brands such as the great brand of jars Le Parfait, the well known knives Opinelknives, the magnificent bread molds Emile Henry and also the squiz reusable water bottles for kids or the German kitchen brand GEFU

Bokeo Switzerland helps you online and by phone. We offer an efficient service at the best price. It is important to offer its customers a wide choice of products ranging from the dough machine gEFU or IMPERIA to the cheap canner

Bokeo is all about seasonal home cooking

Every season brings its own surprises in the kitchen but there is no season to make homemade bread with the bread pans Emile Henry and you can make your own vinegar at any time of the year. You can prepare apples to make your own juice with an apple peeler and juice extractor or stock up on jars of applesauce during the apple season. You can make your own jars of tomato sauce for the whole year by taking advantage of the tomatoes for sauces offered by the local market gardeners at the best price from the end of August to the beginning of September

Everything to preserve your food with Bokeo

The Swiss online store Bokeo is the ideal partner when you choose to create your own conservation jars or in the creation of its jams. You will discover on a wide range of glass jars, sterilizers, bottles and juice extractors.

Take advantage of the best advice in our section kitchen notebooksection, you will find many articles explaining the basics of sterilization, cooking tips and delicious recipes for simple seasonal cooking.

Cooking with children

Learning while having fun is the key to a child's development.

Bokeo offers a wide range of fun and educational products to help children cooking with your children in a good mood and in complete safety. It has never been easier to allow your children to take their homemade compotes everywhere with them thanks to Squiz reusable bottles.

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