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Books, social networks, reports, we can no longer miss the zero waste movement. It was born in the United States thanks to the popular blog Zero Waste Home of the now very famous Bea Johnson. Her book entitled "Zero Waste, 100 tips to lighten your life" and published in 2014 in France, made this new lifestyle trend known to the majority of consumers. The increasing number of reports on the perverse effects of plastic discarded in nature, awaken consciences towards a new and simpler way of life: reduce waste and consume better.

The reusable water bottle, a simple way to reduce waste

So simple that we had to think about it! There are now hundreds of models of stainless steel water bottles on the market. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is extremely strong and durable. We have referenced on, three stainless steel isothermal water bottles of three different capacities: 350ml, 750ml and 1L. You can take it everywhere: at work, at the gym, on a hike... It is a useful investment to stay hydrated all day long!

The gourd format is also available for food with the Squiz reusable water bottles for compotes. Young and old alike will appreciate taking a healthy snack with them everywhere, while doing good for our planet.

How to store food bought in bulk?

One of the pillars of zero waste is to buy food in bulk. More and more conventional or organic supermarkets offer this possibility. Bulk stores have been created with a very large choice of foodstuffs, both fresh and dry. Buying in bulk reduces the use of single-use packaging. In effect, stores receive products in large packages. Consumers bring their own containers to serve themselves, which reduces the number of bags thrown away.

You will need reusable containers to purchase and store food. We encourage you to choose containers that are durable and appropriate for the type of food.

Pasta, pulses, flour, rice, cereals should be packed in airtight containers to protect them from food moths. Le Parfait's large 1L jars with metal frames and rubber rings are ideal.

Oilseeds such as almonds, hazelnuts and cashews can be stored in simple Le Parfait screw top jars.

Garlic, onions and shallots have their own earthenware storage jar.

Fresh vegetables will be safe in burlap bags that work just as well for shopping!

Bread bags are useful for both buying bread at the bakery and storing it.

Use canvas bags for bulk shopping, it's more ecological and durable than kraft paper or plastic bags. To quickly fill your Le Parfait jars, use a jam funnel! It's very practical! Then write down the name of the food in the jar with a white erasable marker or label. Close the lids after each use.

Another zero waste tip to keep your food in the fridge, use a beewrap, a reusable packaging with beeswax to protect your preparations.