Cooking with children

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Find on our Swiss website, the best utensils for cooking with children. You will discover in this category Cooking with kids, a range of accessories allowing the little chefs to apprehend the tastes, the colors, the textures of food and to initiate themselves to the kitchen. You can buy kits for little cooks Opinel, snack bags and accessories to cook with your children. Homemade food is simple and fun!

Kitchen knives for children

Our partner Opinel is famous for its pocket and kitchen knives. The French company has developed kitchen utensils for children. Our toddlers will be able to prepare good dishes with mom and dad with these tools specially adapted for them. The peeler and the knife are sized to fit their little hands and have a safety ring to protect their fingers from cuts. They'll be happy to do "grown-up things" in the kitchen, perched on their observation tower or sitting on a chair. Imitation games are an excellent way to develop their abilities.

In alternative pedagogies such as Montessori, it is recommended to familiarize the child with "real" metal utensils rather than plastic ones, so that he/she is careful in handling them from the very first steps. So be reassured and invite them to cook with you.

Cooking with children is an excellent way to make them discover and love food. It awakens their senses and makes it easier for them to accept new tastes. We know how difficult it can be for those kids who love pasta and ketchup fries

Why use round-tipped knives for children

Opinel offers a range called "My first Opinel". Children quickly want to imitate their parents. If you regularly use a pocket knife when you go hiking, on a picnic or even at home, your toddler will want to do the same! You can offer him a knife "like the big ones" but with a round tip to avoid any incident. The hand of the little ones is not yet very sure, the brand has designed a knife that they can handle safely. With a knife Opinel with a round tip, they will be able to familiarize themselves with the blade and its handling without risking injury.

Introduce your children to the pleasures of cooking and homemade food in complete safety thanks to the Opinel knives specially designed for them! Find them on our website