Preservation jars

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You will find in the category jars of conservation the best jars to make your jars and and sterilize your preparations. Take advantage of a wide range of glass containers such as jars with seals brand Le parfait or Weck. Our store also provides you with tongs, washers and lids as well as a large number of accessories to cook and sterilize your home-made jars. Sterilizing has never been so easy! So try it now and let your whole family enjoy it!

Advantages of glass storage jars

Besides the aesthetic aspect of glass, this material is extremely strong, durable and rot-proof. It is estimated that it takes 1000 years for a glass bottle to degrade in nature! Glass can be reused over and over again, it is the ultimate zero waste material. It is harmless for the environment and for humans unlike plastic. It is inert and is the reference in terms of food safety. When you don't need your glass jar anymore, you can recycle it or give it away: it's always useful to have some in your kitchen!

The glass jar is the perfect accessory to sterilize all your preparations. It can be closed tightly with a metal lid or a mechanical system and a rubber seal. This way, your home-made confections will be well preserved for many months. They will not suffer any alteration in flavor or texture. Glass jars can also be used to store dry foodstuffs bought in bulk such as flour, rice, pasta, lentils...