Pasta machines

The best products to make homemade pasta in the Swiss online store You will discover in this category Pasta Machines, a line of accessories allowing you to prepare your pasta with ease. We offer different high quality pasta machines for all budgets. Tagliatelle, lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli... making homemade pasta has never been so easy. Go ahead and make your whole family enjoy it.

Making homemade pasta is easy

The simplicity and speed of pasta preparation make it a favorite food for young and old. It goes well with all kinds of sauces, meat, fish, vegetables... You can find dozens of varieties of dry pasta in stores that can be cooked in a flash. It is interesting to learn how to make homemade pasta as part of a resilient consumption approach: you reduce your waste and control the ingredients you use

Fresh pasta has a unique taste that Italians and lovers of transalpine cuisine appreciate. In fact, it's very easy to prepare! The fresh pasta recipe is made with egg, wheat flour and olive oil. The difficulty lies in shaping the pasta, as it must be very thin to cook easily. It is therefore useful to get a pasta machine, also known as a laminator. It will allow you to prepare your own tagliatelle, but also lasagna and why not homemade ravioli!

On our website, you will find everything you need to make your own pasta, from the machine to the pasta dryer!