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Discover the best value vinegar makers on the Swiss market. You will find in this category Vinegar maker a panel of accessories allowing you to prepare your own home-made vinegar or taps for vinegar maker. We refer to high quality vinegar makers accessible to all budgets and made in Europe in durable materials (oak, beech and ceramic)

How does a vinegar maker work?

A vinegar maker allows you to make your own vinegar thanks to a mother of wine or apple vinegar that causes a reaction on the wine or apple juice that you will place in this vinegar maker

Buying a vinegar maker: why and how to make your own home-made vinegar?

Vinegar is an essential condiment in many cuisines around the world. It is used to season salads, meats and fish, but also to prepare sauces and marinades. If you want to buy a vinegar maker and make your own homemade vinegar, here are some things to consider.

Why buy a vinegar maker to make your own vinegar?

First of all, it is important to specify that the vinegar maker is a very practical kitchen utensil that allows you to prepare vinegar easily and quickly. Indeed, you just have to put your ingredients in the container, shake it and your vinegar is ready to be used.

Making your own homemade vinegar has many advantages. First of all, you can choose the ingredients that go into it, which allows you to control the quality and taste of your vinegar. For example, you can use fruits or herbs to give it a personal touch.

Secondly, by making your own vinegar, you avoid the preservatives and other chemical additives that can be present in industrial vinegars. Your vinegar will therefore be more natural and healthier.

Finally, making your own vinegar is ecological and economical. By buying your ingredients in bulk and storing them in a vinegar container, you avoid using plastic bottles which often have a very short life span and pollute the environment.

How to buy a vinegar maker and make your own vinegar?

To buy a vinegar maker and make your own vinegar, here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose a base for your vinegar. You can use white wine, red wine, cider, fruit juice or beer.
  • Choose one or more aromatic ingredients to flavor your vinegar. You can use herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables.
  • Place your ingredients in a clean, dry vinegar container.
  • Close the vinegar and place it in a place where the temperature is below 20°C