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Buy glass jars online

Wide choice to buy glass jars and preserving jars in the Bokeo online store. You will discover in this category Glass Jars, Terrines and Preserving Jars a wide range of accessories to prepare your jars, jams, terrines and preserves. There are different products to buy the jars by lots of 6 or you can also buy the jar by unit. You can buy jars with a seal, also jars with rubber rings, as well as jars with jams, honey and other formats of jars with a lid. Making your own preserves has never been so easy, go ahead and make your family enjoy it.

How to make your own preserves and jars?

There are many ways to preserve food. The best known method to preserve food is sterilization. This word is often frightening, but there is nothing complicated about it. There are certain requirements and a simple method to know. It is strongly advised to use glass jars dedicated to sterilization and to change the lids and seals after each sterilization. If you choose to reuse empty jars and jam jars, it is strongly advised to invest in compatible lids, with the right diameter

Sterilize your preserves and take no risks

What is sterilization? Sterilization consists in heating food to a temperature higher than 90°C to eliminate different micro organisms contained in the food. Depending on what you sterilize, the sterilization time may vary

What should I use to sterilize my jars and preserves?

To make life easier, there are electric sterilizers with high capacities, thermostats and minors. Most electric sterilizers are analog, but there are also sterilizers with digital interface

5 key steps for successful canning and jarring

  • Cook what you want to preserve (sauce, ratatouille ...)
  • Clean the glass jar and plunge it into boiling water.
  • Fill your jars with your preparation: Make sure that the edges, rings and rubber seals remain clean
  • Leave an air space (2cm maximum) do not fill to the rim as the volume inside may vary with time and cooling
  • Let your jars cool and place them in a dark place (cupboard, cellar, pantry...)
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