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Homemade food is on the rise. More and more of us are cooking and making our own jars. Using a sterilizer can be laborious, so designers have created efficient and practical models to make sterilization accessible to everyone.

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Discover our electric jar sterilizers. You will be able to buy all types of electric sterilizers, there are sterilizers with large tanks, automatic sterilizers, cheap sterilizers and much more! You will be able to buy mainly Le Pratique sterilizers, a brand of sterilizer created by Le Parfait to complement its range of jars with lids and jars with seals

How does a sterilizer work?

A sterilizer is ultimately a large stainless steel or plastic tank that heats water to a temperature of 100°C. Depending on the type of sterilizer, you will find certain characteristics such as the fact that some are automatic, with LCD screen ... Allowing you to manage with more precision the heating time and the temperature

How to choose your sterilizer?

In practice, you can preserve your homemade jars in the oven, in a pressure cooker or in manual sterilizers. However, an electric jar sterilizer is much more practical to use, as it requires little intervention: you place the jars in it, fill the tank with water and start the timer. With the democratization of home-made products, manufacturers are offering increasingly sophisticated electric sterilizers. Various functions make the use of the device simple and fast.

You will choose the sterilizer that best suits your needs, depending on your habits and the frequency with which you sterilize your jars. The capacity, the heating power and the technical options are the parameters to take into account when choosing a sterilizer.

If you are experienced in sterilization, you can do without certain options. A beginner, on the other hand, will want to be guided in its use and benefit from functions that make it easier to handle. If you regularly sterilize your jars, choose a large capacity electric sterilizer.

What are the different functions found on electric jar sterilizers?

There are many features that make this device practical.

  • The thermostat
  • The timer
  • The LCD screen
  • The tap

Sterilizers with thermostat

Previously, it was necessary to use a kitchen thermometer to sterilize your jars. The result was inaccurate and could make you miss the sterilization. The thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your device in a few seconds and to maintain it throughout the process.

Sterilizers equipped with a timer

Keeping track of how long your jars take to sterilize can be laborious, especially if you are cooking others at the same time. Getting the timing wrong can cause your jars to fail to sterilize. A timer is a necessary accessory to simplify your task.

Sterilizers with LCD display

Some sterilizers are now equipped with an LCD screen, allowing the user to have all the information he needs in front of him and to make time and temperature adjustments.

The power of a sterilizer

The heating power is an important characteristic in the choice of an electric jar sterilizer. It usually ranges from 1000 to 2000 watts. A machine that heats up quickly is useful if you have little time or a small quantity of jars to sterilize.

Always remember to buy a sterilizer with a tap!

We don't think about it enough, but the tap is an essential accessory of the electric sterilizer. A tank full of water is heavy and difficult to handle. At the end of the process, the tap allows you to drain it and eventually use the water to water the plants!

What is an automatic sterilizer?

Some electric jar sterilizers make it even easier with an automatic start function when the temperature is optimal and an automatic stop function when the procedure is complete. The machine does not need to be monitored, so you can go about your business without worrying.

The three essential criteria to remember when choosing your sterilizer are :

  • Heating power
  • Capacity
  • The functions

Manufacturers are now designing their devices to make sterilization accessible to everyone, even beginners, at a reasonable price. Try an electric jar sterilizer from our product catalogue.


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