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Among the partner companies of, discover Opinel , French manufacturer of knives and blades for more than two centuries. Established in Savoie (so close to home!), The family business is renowned for its mastery of metal and its timeless knives. Opinel for French excellence when it comes to blades. We list a wide choice of Opinel knives on our Swiss site Like all our customers who love to cook, equip yourself with durable and quality utensils. Children and adults alike will appreciate the elegance and durability of Opinel blades.

Opinel , an adventure that began in 1800

Let us tell you the beautiful story of the brand ...

In 1800, Victor-Amédée Opinel learned the art of blacksmithing not far from Chambéry in Haute-Savoie and founded his workshop in the small town of Gévoudaz. His son Joseph Opinel , rocked by the sound of his father's forge hammers and keen on new technologies, invented the famous Opinel pocket knife in 1890. Quickly, he declined it in seven different sizes and his popularity grew. Everyone is snapping up this tool!

From the workshop to the factory, the company grew and moved its production site to different locations until it established itself in Revériaz in modern premises inaugurated in 2003.

Today the family saga continues, Opinel exported to the United States and even has its own museum opened in 2013. 130 years later, the brand is still famous and intends to perpetuate its activity with innovations and new tools !

We have chosen to offer Opinel knives in our catalog because, beyond the high quality of the products, the company's values echo those of Bokeo. Our desire is to make cooking and home cooking accessible to everyone. This is why you will find on our site bread, meat and vegetable knives, but also adapted knives intended for future little chefs who are our toddlers!

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