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Books, social networks, reports, we can no longer miss the zero waste movement. He was born in the United States thanks to the popular blog Zero Waste Home by the now famous Béa Johnson. His book entitled “Zéro Déchet, 100 tips to lighten your life” and published in 2014 in France, makes this new lifestyle trend known to the majority of consumers. The increasingly numerous reports on the perverse effects of plastic rejected in nature, awaken consciousness towards a new simpler way of life: reduce waste and consume better.

The principle of zero waste

It is based on changing consumption habits by following the principle of the five Rs:




To recycle

Return to the earth (compost)

The goal is to eliminate and / or gradually reduce unnecessary waste from our daily lives. For what reasons ?

The planet is suffocating under garbage.

Plastic pollutes the oceans and will soon be denser than the submarine population.

Recycling or incineration requires a large expenditure of energy. Not all waste is eliminated.

How to reduce waste then? Sometimes it's pretty obvious. For example, the plastic cutlery given with your take-out can be easily replaced with a fork and a cloth napkin from the house that you keep in your bag. For others it is more complex, if not impossible. When you go to a restaurant, for example, you do not control the waste produced in the kitchen. Far from the challenge of the jar of 1L of waste per year, we can control our consumption to throw away as little as possible.

Reduce waste when traveling

If you're new to zero waste, the easiest way is to start reducing it on the go. You just need to equip yourself with a few utensils that you may already have at home without realizing it:

Metal cutlery

Stainless steel cup or mug


Cloth napkin

Shopping bag or snack

Reusable compote bottle (Squiz)

Stainless steel bottle

You will gradually acquire new habits, by using your mug in the coffee machine at work rather than disposable cups for example, or by preparing your lunch in your lunchbox. You can equip yourself on our site to reduce your waste during your travels.

The gourd, a simple way to reduce waste

So simple that you had to think about it! There are now hundreds of models of stainless steel water bottle on the market. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is extremely strong and durable. We have referenced on, three isothermal stainless steel bottles of three different capacities: 350ml, 750ml and 1L. You can take it everywhere: at work, at the gym, on a hike… It's a useful investment to stay hydrated all day long!

The gourd format is also available for food with Squiz reusable gourds for compotes. Young and old alike will enjoy taking a healthy snack everywhere, while doing good for our planet.

How to store food purchased in bulk?

One of the pillars of zero waste is buying food in bulk. More and more classic or organic supermarkets offer this possibility. Bulk stores have emerged with a very wide choice of food, fresh and dry. Buying in bulk decreases the use of single-use packaging. Indeed, the stores receive the products in large packaging. Consumers bring their own containers to help themselves, reducing the number of bags thrown away.

You will therefore need to equip yourself with reusable containers to buy and store food. We invite you to choose durable containers suitable for the type of food.

Pasta, pulses, flour, rice, cereals should be packed in airtight containers to protect them from food moths. With their metal frame and rubber washer, Le Parfait 1L large jars are perfectly adequate.

Oilseeds such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews can be reserved in simple Le Parfait screw jars.

Garlic, onion, shallots have their own terracotta storage pot.

The fresh vegetables will be sheltered in burlap bags that are also good for shopping!

The bread bag is useful both for buying it at the bakery and for keeping it.

Bring canvas bags to go shopping in bulk, it is more ecological and durable than kraft paper or plastic bags. To quickly fill your Le Parfait jars, use a jam funnel! It's very useful ! Then write down the name of the food in the jar with a white erasable marker or on a label. Close the lids securely after each use.

Another zero waste tip for keeping your food in the fridge, use a beewrap, a reusable beeswax packaging to protect your preparations.

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