Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother
    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother

    Sungood solar cooker - Solar Brother

    Solar cooker Solar Brother for an immediate and unattended cooking.

    Without smoke, without flame, without gas, without electricity, in short, solar energy is magic and it is eternal.

    French manufacture.

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    Solar cooker brand Solar Brother.

    Here is the ideal product to discover solar cooking ! With the SUNGOOD it's simple !

    With the solar cooker, cook wherever you want: city, camping, beach, forest, balcony or in the garden. Without flame and without smoke, it is allowed everywhere: it uses only the energy of the sun, a free and ecological energy.

    Enjoy the sun and cook without supervision: vegetables, rice, fish, meat, compote, bread...

    With its 2 positions, this cooker heats from 80°C to 150°C whatever the outside temperature, winter or summer. Its natural cooking respects the flavor of food.

    Its assembly is simple, without tools and fast: 1 minute! Compact and light, 950 g, it fits in a bag and can be taken everywhere!

    The operation is simple:

    - Open it

    - Place your dish in the center on the plate rest.

    - Turn the SUNGOOD to face the sun.

    A little tip to improve the cooking of your food with your solar oven: use a black or dark colored baking dish. Do not use white or stainless steel which would be counterproductive.

    Made in France.

    The pack contains:

    - 1 foldable reflector

    - 1 pan support

    - 1 cooking bag

    - 1 cotton carrying bag

    - 1 recipe booklet

    Dimensions of folded product: 34 x 26 x 3 cm

    Dimensions of assembled product: 90 x 58 x 25 cm

    Weight: 950 g

    Before the first use

    Before the first use, the mirrors must be glued on the yellow plastic supports. This way, the different surfaces will not get crooked and it is easy to put them in their place.

    It is recommended to leave the mirrors untouched for half an hour or more if possible to ensure that they stay in place.

    Remove the blue protective sheets from the mirrors.

    Tips for successful cooking

    Cooking with the SUNGOOD is environmentally friendly, as it uses only the energy of the sun. For the SUNGOOD to work at its best, it needs direct sunlight at full power. The best results are obtained when the sun is high in the sky, in summer between 10 am and 5 pm and in winter between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.

    Protect your eyes with sunglasses, as the mirrors reflect the rays.

    The temperature can reach 80 to 150 degrees in the cooker. In low temperatures, the cooking time can be very long. It is necessary to count with two hours or more. The cooking time depends on the quantity to be cooked.

    In order to reach the desired temperature in time, it is recommended to use the cooking bags included in the delivery, and to orient the cooker in the direction of the sun, correcting the orientation every half hour.

    It is best to use a black or dark baking dish. The most effective utensil is an aluminum pan with a black exterior. Cast iron pans are less recommended, as they heat up very slowly.

    Wind has a negative influence on the temperature, so the cooker should be placed as far away from the wind as possible.

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