Terracotta Germoir
    Terracotta Germoir
    Terracotta Germoir
    Terracotta Germoir
    Terracotta Germoir
    Terracotta Germoir

    Terracotta Germoir

    Terracotta sprouter with 3 levels to make your own sprouted seeds.

    Made in Europe.

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    Germoir out of terra cotta with 3 levels to carry out oneself its germinated seeds.

    The terra cotta is a material which makes it possible to maintain a good moisture ideal for germination, as well as a good ventilation.

    With this germinator in terra cotta, to make its germinated seeds oneself was never so easy. It makes it possible to make germinate 2 types of different seeds at the same time or to make staggered germinations to have some always at disposal.

    Dimensions: height of 21 cm and diameter of 16 cm.

    Made in Europe.

    How to make its germinated seeds ?

    - To soak 2 spoons with soup of seeds during 3 to 4 hours in water (or a complete night)

    - To plunge the perforated container in fresh water during approximately 5 minutes. The clay will soak in water, which will ensure a good moisture content during germination. Remove the container from the water and drain it.

    - To lay out there the seeds beforehand soaked and drained.

    - Put the container with germination on the enamelled bottom, then cover with the lid.

    - To pass the seeds to fresh water 2 times per day (morning and evening) with the top of a sink before replacing it on the enamelled bottom.

    - Depending on the type of seeds, the germination period can go from 2 to 14 days.

    Tips :

    The water that runs off the bottom of the germinator can be used to water the plants (it contains good vitamins and minerals).

    If you are using very small seeds that may pass through the holes in the container, it is recommended to use a thin cloth on the bottom of the container.


    The possible appearance of stains on the bottom of the germination containers has no influence on the use of the germinator.

    After use, clean the various parts of the germoir with water by using a hard brush if necessary. To unblock the holes (seeds or roots), use a needle.

    It is also possible to scald the germinator. In this case, it is imperative to use filtered water, because the limestone above 60° C can damage the porosity of the clay

    Diameter: 4 cm
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