Juice cloth 75 x 75 cm - 1
    Juice cloth 75 x 75 cm - 2
    Juice cloth 75 x 75 cm - 1
    Juice cloth 75 x 75 cm - 2

    Juice stamina 75 x 75 cm

    Fruit and vegetable juice stamina, size 75 x 75 cm

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    Fruit and vegetable juice stamen.

    This non-woven needlepunched cotton cheesecloth measures 75 x 75 cm, making it suitable for very large containers.

    It allows to filter efficiently and quickly fruit and vegetable juices with a minimum of loss. Ideal for obtaining perfectly filtered juices, or for preparing jellies.
    For very thick juices, it is recommended to let them settle before filtration.

    It can also be used with a fruit press by placing the cheesecloth inside the press, to filter the juice at the same time as the pressing.

    After use, rinse the cheesecloth with clear water and let it air dry.

    non-woven needlepunched cotton
    75 x 75 cm
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