Density meter for syrups or jam - The Practice - 1

    Density meter for syrups or jam - the practical

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    Le Pratique brand syrup scale in glass for measuring the density of jams, syrups, beers, jellies, sorbets ...

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    12.5 cm long glass float density meter , Le Pratique brand.

    Easy to use , this hydrometer measures the density of a sweet solution , such as syrup, beer, jam, sorbet, fruit juice or jelly.

    Measuring range from 1,100 to 1,400 g / ml or from 15 ° to 40 ° Bé (degree Baumé). A good consistency jam is found at 1.2964 g / ml.

    Use :

    Gently place the hydrometer in the sugar solution, the lower bulb first. Rotate the hydrometer on itself to expel any air bubbles and let it float. It must be vertical and not stick to the walls. Once stabilized, a meniscus is found on the surface of the liquid. The measurement is made by observing the graduation under the meniscus.

    Always use the hydrometer in a solution at room temperature to avoid thermal shock. Never use the hydrometer directly in the hot solution to prevent it from breaking. It suffices to take a sufficient quantity in another container to take the measurement.

    Made in France.

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    Bon produit, j’en suis très satisfaite, pour la confection de confitures et chocolat

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