Squiz reusable water bottles for children

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Compote gourds are very popular with children (and adults!), But are not recyclable. They constitute waste that is difficult to eliminate. Concerned about the well-being of our planet, the Squiz brand has invented an ingenious system of reusable water bottles. Zero waste can be both practical and fun.

Buy reusable children's water bottles online

Order easily on our website Bokeo.ch, reusable water bottles for children of the Squiz brand. We have several kits to satisfy both small and large families.

Reusable compote bottles

Gourds for compote are not recyclable and cannot be recycled. They represent a significant pollution when we know the success of these gourds with the young and old public. The Squiz brand has developed reusable compote gourds in order to offer a zero waste solution to consumers of these small gourds.

Why choose Squiz reusable water bottles?

We work with Squiz for their environmental and social commitment and for the quality of their products. The Squiz are designed from A to Z exclusively in Europe. The manufacture of the gourds is located with us in Switzerland and the packaging is done in France in an ESAT. 60% of the finished product is local.

Throw less waste

Squiz water bottles are reusable fifty times on average! In 2018 it is approximately 58.5 million disposable gourds ... never thrown away. These reusable water bottles allow you to please your children while preserving the planet.

Control your child's nutrition

We offer the Squiz reusable water bottles in two sizes: 90 ml for the little ones (from 6 months) and 130 ml for the older ones. Thus, you will present different compote recipes to your child to make him discover the flavors of all the fruits, by choosing the format adapted to his age. You can of course buy organic compote in a large jar or make your own compote to control its composition.

Quick applesauce recipe

An apple (or more if you want to make some ahead of time)

A little water

  • Wash, peel and seed the apples
  • Cut them into pieces
  • In a saucepan over low heat, make compote
  • Mix while adding a little water to obtain a very smooth texture

The trick is to prepare a large quantity, to package it in our Le Parfait joint jars. You will thus have an advance stock of compote and will only have to open a jar to fill your reusable gourds when you need them.


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