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How to make homemade preserves and jars?

There are many ways to store your food. The best known for making jars and preserves is sterilization. This word is often scary, however, there is nothing complicated. There are certain requirements and a simple method to know. It is strongly recommended to use jars and jars dedicated to sterilization and to change the lids and seals after each sterilization. If you choose to reuse empty jars and jars of store-bought jams, it is strongly recommended that you invest in compatible lids of the correct diameter.

Sterilize your jars and take no risks

What does sterilization consist of? This involves bringing the food to a temperature above 90 ° C to eliminate various microorganisms contained in the food. Depending on what you are sterilizing, the sterilization time may vary.

What can I sterilize my jars and preserves with?

To make life easier, there are electric sterilizers with high capacities, thermostats and minors. Most electric sterilizers are analog but there are also digital interface sterilizers.

5 key steps for successful preserves and jars

  • Cook what you want to keep (Sauce, ratatouille ...)
  • Clean your jars and immerse in boiling water.
  • Fill your jars with your preparation: Make sure that the edges, washers and rubber seals remain clean
  • Leave an air gap (2cm maximum) do not fill to the edges because on cooling and over time the interior volume may vary.
  • Let your jars cool and place them away from light (cupboard, cellar, pantry ...)

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